Black Lagoon Anime Review part 2

Last time on part one we went through a throw back of this Adventure, Crime, and Thriller fiction anime by Rei Hiroe which aired back in 2006


A young Japanese businessman, gets hijacked and captured by modern day mercenaries, is written off and left for dead by his company heads. he then sticks with the mercenaries that kidnapped him and becoming part of their gang.  I ended on episode 3 last time, let’s see what I have to say in episode 4 till 6 of Black Lagoon episode review part 2.


Episode 4: DieRuckkehr des Adlers


After a few days or months whatever it is called, Rock is finally settled in with the Lagoon company and is reminiscing on how he went on holiday for Scooba diving. Revy plays her instrument of peace and reminiscing ends.


They are on a job looking for a Nazi submarine which sunk back in 1945, man oh man why is it always must be the Nazi, these people where dangerous back in their time, so says what history tells us. So, this submarine sunk because they went into battle or attacked a heavily armed England fleet. Oh well this was a big mistake, they known not to give up a fight after all.


Moving forward, Rock and Revy dive deep into the see to ransack the submarine looking for some painting which one of the passengers was carrying on with him, some this panting apparently is most important since Hitler took power. If you know your history then you know Hitler.

 The lagoon company was hired by a Spanish art collector to retrieve with painting and deliver back to him, easy enough job right not like anything wrong is going to happen. Until some mysteries boat shows up after a few words exchange the mystery boat starts firing torpedoes at the two remaining members of the lagoon company and they are forced to make a run for it.


From how these chaps are dressed and speak they look Nazi more like a new generation of them.



 Episode 5: Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles

 After they escape from missile fire, Dutch and his minion Benny stay a safe distance. Rock and Revy now enter the submarine and start looking for the painting in a sea of dead people, I can only imagine how people who do these things everyday feel, I myself can’t even stand the thought.

 Walking into a room that seems to have had a gun fight, after a few moments Rock finds the painting and Revy goes on to explore the boat, for valuable items, leaving Rock with the captain and crew mate corps.


Back at the surface, the Nazi wannabees make a speech of claiming what they lost blah blah, get this the person who must dive in and go get the painting is of what they call “Suicide Squad” I feel sorry for these chaps going across Revy isn’t ideal. So, they sing their Anthem and lower a sub to find the painting.

 At this point Revy has found some nice pieces which are worth a lot and Rock starts acting all soft about how this medal are proof of what these people did and how the medals are antics to them and they mean more to the people there. After finding a photo of the captain with his family. So, Revy told him a story on how medals are just things the only thing that determines their value is money and something about god etc. then she threatens to kill him if he ever speaks like one of those rick bustards she hates.

 Finally, the Fake Nazi suicide squad appear, and a gun fight started by Revy ensues in the mists Rock loses the painting and they take it and make a run for it, you know Revy is going after them and the Nazi ship start shooting at them. Revy fights back and Rock pulls her down. The Neo Nazi leave and our team of two get rescued. With Revy pissed off and Dutch not happy they both plan to turn the Nazis boat into a floating morgue. I so feel sorry for these guys I mean they have pissed off the wrong crew and a lady that is trigger happy. To make matters worse what Rock said earlier has made Revy blood thirsty and man oh man does she want to kill.


Episode 6: Moonlit Hunting Ground

After obtaining the painting the Neo Nazi are celebrating their victory, Dutch and the crew figure out that this is more than just the painting and there is more to it than meets the eye. `


Behind the scene Dutch and Revy get on the boat and start making some serious noise, Revy’s blood thirst is so deep she is killing without remorse, I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side if that’s how she gets when someone preaches to her about something she doesn’t like or agree with. The zone she is in of that of a psychotic killer and she doesn’t stop killing every crew member including the guy who stole the painting from her.



Soon after the blood bath by Revy she goes and shoots at innocent people mainly the ship conductors and Dutch stop her gives her a pet talk and knocks her back to her senses. Then they start killing for fun again yappy two hands are back.

 At this point the Fleet or Nazi General is on the phone with the man who wants the painting and trying to reassure that they will kill the Lagoon gang. As they both make their way to the general Dutch and Revy split up and Revy is attacked by the 2nd in command, what an idiot that guy was, instead of shooting Revy who’s gun is empty at this point he starts talking about himself and his gun and how he is the only one who can use it blah blah , Revy reload and shoots the guy. The end


On a three-way call between Dutch, the Nazi General and the man who hired them, turns out the turning is said to say Hitler painted it, but he didn’t, and he is only after what the painting is carrying or what they have hidden in it. Which are their files, account details and more, there are 4 of these paintings and this one is the last piece. So, the guy who hired Dutch is a former Nazi general himself and he doesn’t care much about these neo Nazi just wanted them eliminated.


After a few words the general is given a bet between Revy and Dutch on who he will choose to kill if he is given a gun, they both choose black and guess who the general picks black, of cause the gun has no bullets and he gets killed by the duo of killing machines. The end


Revy has a whole lot of inner pain which forces her to kill, she needs to deal with it, firstly why on earth would people want to revive the Nazi, I mean do we still have people who thirst for war? Well at least the bad guys got what’s coming to them, even with heavy Armor they got taken out like they are nothing, which goes back to the saying the past need to remain in the past. People should accept that.


 Now that we have boats at the bottom of the sea does that mean such things are happening currently in real life and we don’t even know about them? Or am I just over thinking this anime. In any case at least they all survived the shootout and walkout without a scratch.


 Episode 7: Calm Down, Two Men

 It’s very freaky especially when an episode starts of with a boat of dead people and blood stains left behind by the sole of a shoe, makes a person wonder as to what horrors waits them in watching it or will happen during the that episode.

 Calm down, two men start off with Revy and Rock running errancies for Dutch collecting thing and giving people what they ordered from them. As usual the two don’t really get along after the whole submarine incident mainly the sentimental talk Rock did towards Hot tempered Revy. Poor Rock tries to lighten the mood a little with riddles however Revy has heard of them before and isn’t interested.

 First stop of their errancies is at a strip club, firstly why does this chap look like Cool Joe from Super Strikers( those who don’t know Super Strikers  it’s a popular South African football comic and Animated series, it’s been around since the 2000 era began.) and 2nd I am certain in the back in 2006 men had no afros unlike the 70, 80s and 90s oh year this series is set back when things were popping. 3rd Rock is standing there all weird out like he has never seen a pair of boobs (0)-(0) in his life. Looser alert and last but not list why on earth are Revy or should I say these people now calling her Rebecca, come on why couldn’t she have a cooler name. throughout the entire episode even she refers to herself using her biological name Rebecca this is just wrong. In any case the pimp gets his invoice and is told where to collect his booze for his club.

 Next stop is at the Bad arse Russian lady scar face Balalaika leader of the Hotel Moscow Mafia, guess what she is doing? Editing a sex tape, I mean really you are the leader of the maddest gang in town and here you are editing tapes where are the minions to do this for you huh? She looks so bored and she still must edit 15 of those tapes plus attend a meeting about some idiot selling drugs without permission. Eventually the duo of Revy and Rock tell that her shipment will be late and move on swiftly to the next destination. You would be surprised as to what it is.

 Now they are to receive fire arms from Sister PW Degam of the Rip Off Church, seriously a Nun and her church supplying fire arms, how crazy is this anime and aren’t Nuns supposed be anti-guns and all that holy business?

Why is the church called Rip Off in the first place, shows how dirty they really are?

Even sister Eda carries a gun the head Nun Sister Yolanda wears am eye patch wow how dirty this church, in lite of things they all get down to business and turns out the sister isn’t willing to give them one item that the Lagoon company wanted which is a grenade launcher and wants a better deal or discount with them for it since someone else wants the same thing, We all know Rebecca aka Revy hates bad new so she pulls out her gun and sister Eda pulls out her now we have a stand off between the two Rock and Sister Yolanda sip some tea and get the talking under way.

 At this point Rock trail blazes of all the illegal activities that are happening in the church and why are clean sheets being place in a shed when they are supposed to be in rooms, he also states on how Hotel Moscow and other gangs have been trying to figure out on how people are selling drugs illegally, turns out people of the church can cross boarders freely and hey they’re being used as mulls without them knowing , so a loophole  they found and used, so Rock after uncovering this uses a simple black mail method threating to tell Balalaika. After sister Yolanda trying not to act suspicious, she was eventually impressed with rock’s observation and gave them the goods, ending the gun standoff between Revy and Eda and they took their leave.

After the whole church thing the duo get something to eat and still are arguing in the process Rock says some Nasty things to Revy telling her he won’t apologize for the boat incident and Revy points a gun at him then pulls the trigger bye bye Rock or so I thought the dude grabbed the gun and now hey are shouting at each other, kicking stuff and hitting each other, they both eventually get over their differences then the Cops show up and my good graces  they are on good terms with the police captain, obviously they pay him off record he still takes them in and they will be released later. To end things off Revy and Rock light up cigar rites and are both driven away into the sun set.

This anime is on a whole other level of corrupt people, I mean a church full of Nuns who deal with weapons and drugs, police officers who don’t give a damn and a team of crazy people, well in everyday life even at work there are people we don’t get long with as with every team at least Revy and Rock sorted out their differences for a better tomorrow and stronger working relationships. Which goes to say a Grudge isn’t something to walk around with however we should deal with them as soon as they emerge, the world would be a better place if we did.


 Well that’s all for part 2 of Black Lagoon episode review until the next post in part 3. Be sure to give your thoughts on this anime and its characters.


By: Blunimation 


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