Fairy Tale Final Season Review part 1 – Episode 6 till 8

Hello good people, hope you are all happiness, it’s been a week since part one of fairy tail final series review. Hope you all liked it. Now without any more waiting let’s get into part two of this review.

Episode 6: Ikusatsunagi

After the total one-sided beat down of Avatar at the hands of Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Carla otherwise known as Fairy Tail’s strongest team with the assist from love struck Juvia. The only person left to get their mask knocked off is the leader Arlock. This dark guild is a waste of magic power I mean to get beaten so easy by one only 6 people and a cat whilst they are in their thousands, Fairy Tales strongest team didn’t even break a sweat here.

As in every series the leader is always left for last, in this case guess who shows up to fight him? Non-other than the salamander Natsu Dragneel, at this point I am thinking this is going to be a piece of cake for Natsu since all the generals of Avatar where taken out so easily the leader won’t be so tough, and I was pretty much right, he wasn’t. Natsu by passed his strongest attacks like there were nothing then gave him the famous fire dragon iron fist for the win.


I mean how weak could these guys be though to lose so pathetically! Just when I thought it was over Arlock pulls a rabbit out of the hat, well more like one of the Eighteen Battle Gods of Yakuma Ikusatsunagi, the man used a sacrifice summoning which was his plan all long. The attack on the village was a disguise for the “Purification Plan” which in sort involved killing all the Avatar at the might of Ikusatsunagi.

Here I am thinking a battle God now only Erza can take this monster down. This knuckle head Arlock had to talk a whole lot of nonsense about sacrificing his own guys which pissed Natsu off and he went charging straight at the Monster god. Whilst preaching about friends, goals etc. then he pulls on massive attack given to him by his Father Igneel. Just when you thought things can’t get any cooler.

Natsu launches a Fire Dragon King Destruction Fist which surprisingly takes down Ikusatsunagi. With the end of the God, Gajeel and lily show up to take the glory and arrest all the members of Avatar. I still can’t believe Gajeel is a Magic Council Knight. The betrayal is too deep. Why Gajeel why fairy tail spits at the council and you went and joined them.

Not really the purpose of Natsu taking the job from Rogue was to prevent Gray from killing Frosch and sending Rogue into a path of darkness well that didn’t happen Gray loves Frosch and the darkness following his partner dissipated.  

Episode 7: Memoirs

Episode 7 starts off with the Dark Wizard Zeref dreaming of the days when he was young and wanting to study and understand why people live and die, well his professors are amazed by his research paper and then ban him from pursuing this type of study as it is considered forbidden and might upset the god of life and death Ankhselam.

He didn’t stop studying this theory and continued through out the years with the hope to bring his younger brother through back to life with the with the Eclipse Project. You remember this right? The Eclipse Project that massive time traveling volt which holds magic power. Yeah Zeref came up with that thing. Let’s say after his Senior Professor found out the board decided to expel him. With the harsh words of reality, he was given The Dark Wizard went into an insane frenzy and killed everyone in his country. He had now angered god of life and death Ankhselam who cursed him with the power of “contradiction”. So, this is how things work with this curse. The more he cares about living things the more they die, the less he cares everything lives. The curse is also the reason he can’t age nor die now.


What a cool power to have, the not dying and staying young forever though. Imagine how many people want his power. But because he was tired of living so long, he decided play with the power of creation you guessed it, all those demons from the books of Zeref known as Etherious, unfortunately non-of those demons could kill him a result he created END with his own brother’s corps.

Then he got taken by Igneel how I don’t know. To end this episode Zeref visited Acnologia and they spoke the destruction of the world which would be at the hands of Zeref and his Army. The Battle between a Dragon, an Immortal and humanity.

In closing all the member of fairy tail gathered at the old guild hall in the city of Magnolia to rebuild their home once again everyone showed up excerpt Makarov and Laxus. Well Makarov has been missing since he dispended the guild. And it’s time to find him.

Episode 8: The 7th Guild Master

  • Since the 6th Guild master is missing it’s only natural to have new once with so many choices no one qualifies to lead, as all try to figure that out, a brawl ensues between Elfman and Natsu, so things just never get old everyone joins in and finally Erza  puts a stop to this senseless fight with that a decision is made that Erza Scarlet will be the 7TH Guild Master of Fairy Tail.
  • Whilst in the excitement Mest Grayder shows up and asks to speak to Erza about Makarov and the hidden secrete that has been kept all these years by all fairy tail masters. The Lumen Histoire, in a form of the first guild master’s body this magic has been kept secrete from master to master over the years and now passed down to Erza, until Natsu, Lucy, Wendy and Gray crashed the party.

    Moving on Mist further showed them memories of his passed when Makarov asked him to infiltrate the magic council and give him information about the western continent. This information would help keep Fairy Tail safe etc. this continued for about 10 years until Fairy Tail was dispended.

    Makarov took it upon himself to go an negotiate with the Alvarez Empire on not invading Ishgar by threating them to activate the Lumen Histoire, whilst he is doing this, he tasked Mist in restoring the magic council and strengthening Ishgar’s defences. Well considering the enemy has over 700 Guilds under on belt and Ishgar only has 500 they stand to be destroyed. Our Strongest team together with Mest prepare a plan to infiltrate Alvarez and recuse Master Makarov, Gajeel as well plans to find and bring back Laxus.



    How on earth are the guilds of Ishgar going to work together in fending off this great enemy on their door step? I mean with such number and with Makarov saying they don’t stand a chance doesn’t make things any better. I mean what makes the Lumen Histoire so important to the Alvarez Empire even Iven Makarov’s son wanted this body Crystal thing. It must have some sort of unparallel destructive magic power. Another thing how the Alvarez Empire came to find out about the Lumen Histoire, they are another boarder country they have no business knowing about it, willing to stage a war just to obtain it is madness. Why not just attack Fairy Tail only since they are the only people who know about it?

    With Makarov still under the Alvarez Empire we have no way knowing has succeeded in convincing them not to attack or he is held captive and probably a slave or dead. One thing is certain if they did hurt him, the Alvarez Empire will have a hell lot to pay, fairy tail doesn’t take an attack on one of their own lightly.


    Well that’s all for part two until next time on part 3. Be sure to give me your feedback as what you think has happened to Makarov and this Mystery Nation of Destruction.


    By: Blunimation

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