Black Lagoon Anime Review part 1

Hello hello hello good people, hope you are all happiness, a week ago I posted my anime review list I don’t what I was thinking 💭 but hey I guess it worked! I have to say I am enjoying writing now, I have no pressure nor stressed anymore, for some unexplained weird reason I have been at peace ✌️ happy 😊 and free. When I am in this writing space feels really good. Now now let me not bore 😑 you all with the details and lets attend to the business at hand. Following the Fairy tail review we have Black lagoon part 1

Back in 2006 this Adventure, Crime, and Thriller fiction anime illustrated & written by Rei Hiroe adapted from his Manga series.

Following A young Japanese businessman, whilst on a Cruise ship which gets hijacked and he is captured by modern day pirates/ mercenaries, is written off and left for dead by his company heads. Tired of the corporate life, he opts to stick with the mercenaries that kidnapped him and becoming part of their gang. 

Episode 1: The Black Lagoon

After crossing path with the mercenaries who lay a smacking 👊on Rokuro Okajima, our young businessman, carrying something they want, an important disc from his company which he is supposed to deliver gets jacked, and he is kidnapped in the process.

He soon is treated like a member instead of a hostage after being shot at by a hot-tempered young foxy🔥 lady named Revy! Okajima is served like a dish and held ransom however his bosses aren’t willing to pay instead they tell him to disappear and they send out more mercenaries to take him out and take the disc from The Lagoon company. But the bad guys soon find out that The Black Lagoon crew aren’t push overs and Revy shows them why she is called “two hands”. Dayum this chick is good with a gun must be nice killing whilst smiling. Dutch, Revy and Rock manage to get away from the mercenaries only to be caught in a Boat and Helicopter chase which gets intense.

Episode 2: Mangrove Heaven

Okajima and the rest of the gang are still being chased by the mercenaries and the poor fellow throws a fit, they soon find out that they are being led into a Mangrove where the final showdown will take place, they can’t turn around cause the copter won’t let them so their only option is to think of a plan to get rid of the Helicopter which is waiting for them at the entrance of the mangrove next to a sunken ship. What a way to end them a real “Mangrove Heaven”. I mean really to die in front of a sunken ship, how depressing, being hit by rocks or bombed in the middle of the sea now that’s the life of a real pirate crew😤. I have watched One Piece and Pirates of the Caribbean way too many times, they should have put up a fight and perished with honour and dignity now that is a life of real Pirates😤😂😂😂.

Going back into the matter at hand, it was a big mistake by the copter chaps! If I were that mercenary helicopter guy, I would have taken out the Black Lagoon the moment I caught sight of them, however since they are main characters that can’t happen. So, the Black Lagoon crew with the help of the hostage Okajima, come up with a crazy plan of flying the boat and using the torpedoes on their boat to blow up the Copter. 😱 Man, oh man did that plan work with an Amen, hallelujah and peanut butter😂! 


After the whole fight at sea the disc gets handed over to the Mafia crew Hotel Moscow and the transfer of the disc is given back to its owners of cause for a price, basically Hotel Moscow hired Dutch and his Lagoon crew to jack the disc, then deliver it to them, so they can sell it back to it’s very owners, what a nice an quick way to make money, blackmail works all the time, after all no large corporate wants a scandal of the terrible things they are doing behind the scene on their door step. Okajima’s boss offers him his life back and he turns the man down, to join up with The Lagoon company under a new name “Rock” as a sailor. During his first heist he does a terrible job at it, and Foxy Revy takes control by kicking arse, first she fires a rocket then shouts at the shit they are robbing.  Yah Revy sure is one mean crazy lady.

Moving on, the fact that Okajima joined up with the same guys that held him hostage and helped them win says he has guts. Couldn’t he have taken his life back and lived his life in peace? I mean who wants to get shot at all the time not me that’s for sure. He is braver than me in that aspect, I would hate being kidnapped, shot at then told to disappear. Hey if that was my boss, the pal must pay me millions I don’t mind disappearing 🤣🤣🤣 rather than getting shot at every time there is a job.


Episode 3: Ring-Ding Ship Chase

Now that Rock is a member of the crew, episode 3 sees the gang going back home to their headquarters in the city of immorality. Yeah that’s correct the name says it all, only bad 😈 people doing really bad things live in this city.


Whilst the gang is in Sin City as I would like to call it, Dutch gets approached by Mr Chin, who wants the lagoon crew to stop working with Balalaika the two faced lady leader of the Hotel Moscow Mafia and Dutch reminds him that even bad guys have common sense and Mr Chin needs one, after all he stood them up in some old job they did for him, the talk goes on and on until finally. Dutch saying Balalaika has more honour 🤝 then he does pisses off Mr Chin.

Nobody in the City of Immorality likes the fact that Dutch and the crew work for Hotel Moscow so in the process Mr Chin hitches up a plan to get Dutch and his crew killed at sea. So, he offers them a job under Danny Yan. They are to pick up a package from a Vietnamese military.

As they head out in the middle of the sea 🌊. Rock tries to bond with Revy by asking about her past, only to find out she has always been a killer, a thief etc since she was a kid. That look in her eyes sure is cruel, someone hunted by her past.

Things get interesting when they find out 6 boats 🚣 are chasing them, basically they are being hunted by pirates. Although these pirates are experienced at robbing and killing innocent people at sea, turns out Dutch knows who they are. Friendly advice is given to the pirates and they ignore it, so what else to do then to give them a serious beatdown at the hands of the merciless goddess of death💀 “two hands🙌” Revy.

Revy lays down the law, what’s a nice killing spree without some nice blood boiling music 🎶, she commences by shooting boat 1 moving from one to another, killing with a smile 😁. The poor chaps tried to fight back however Revy is to good for low lives like them. I bet they wish they hadn’t taken the job now and remained in their league.


The shooting and killing spree gets too intense with two hands laying waste to the underlings and the big boss now deciding to make a run for it, but hey you don’t attack the Lagoon company and live to talk about it, so he got dead at the hands of dear sweet 🤗 Revy, yeah right, she is many things sweet isn’t one of them. Chisa Revy chisa (“chisa” is a South African slang word for awesome in a sense)


Going back to the client Mr Chan, who gets a visit from Balalaika and the Hotel Moscow members, Dayum she is bad to the core, this woman doesn’t joke around she shows why going against her and her people is the biggest mistake a person can make. Mr Chan finds out the hard way after a kick 🤕 to the face from her, a few moments of smacking around Chan, Balalaika gives Dutch a call to apologize for the wild goose chase he was given then offers him a nice gift called “pleasure and pain” in the sound of an explosion, and an aster la vista no more Mr Chan.😵


Now that Dutch is cheered up, he proposes to take his crew out for drinks to celebrate. All’s well that ends well. Still why are these beautiful women so cold though. Black Lagoon is a nice anime one of those I watch once off and move on to something else, the different thing about this anime, usually men are the ones laying down a cold steel bullet and beatdown to people. In this series the women are the ones trusted with that task and they are doing a Dayum good job at it with no mercy none whatsoever. If you love dangerous women and adventure this anime is for you, if you hate hired help modern-day pirates then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for turning in to read part 1 of 4 Black Lagoon reviews until next time on part 2. Be sure to give me your thoughts and input on this review until next time peace,love,happiness✌️

By: Blunimation 


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