Fairy Tail Final Season Review part 1 – Episode 1 till 5

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Finally Fairy Tail has come back to our computer & Tv screens. It felt good saying that, however, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says it better. After a long wait, the final season & ninth edition of our favorite butt-kicking masters of distraction guild is back for the biggest and final fight of their entire existence

Now that the formalities are out of the way to let’s get this ball rolling


Episode 1: The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving Festival 

Well, it starts with a speech from Ezra about Magnolia and as usual Natsu and the gang join in. Yeppy yeah not really. Moving on

As usual, it starts with Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia lets not forget Happy the Tom Cat. Looking to find their fellow guildmates to help rebuild their home and Guild Fairytail. Then a pig got in the way only to be roasted an served for dinner and Natsu showing off some of his new tricks and kicking bad guys butt.


Well as the three arrive at the festival a shocking surprise waits Natsu and Happy when they find out Wendy and Carla have joined the Lamia’s Scale guild, obviously the Fire Dragon Slayer isn’t happy about so he steals Wendy, not really to make matters worse Carla has master transformation magic and is a hot young human cat. 😏


The news is broken to Wendy about rebuilding Fairytail but she turns them down.  At first glance with fairy tail involved you, can bet on destruction this time around Natsu isn’t responsible! The guys attacking didn’t expect Happy gets catnapped and Natsu lays down so beating on the monster to safe Happy.


Episode 2: Because of Love 

Wendy and Shelia aka the Sky sisters laying a beat down on Orochi Fin guys responsible for attacking their home town, sure they got a few punches in on the weaker guys, however that quickly came to an end when Blue stinger the gravity dude from grimoire heart showed his face! You all probably remember him back on Tenro Island with the dark guild took down Natsu and Wendy until Guildarts showed up and taught him who is boss.

Well, Blue Note attached the Sky sisters but, until Natsu showed up, standing up like the gravity doesn’t affect him, Stinger attached Natsu only to get burned.


So from what I saw, Natsu beating Blue Note, after a year of training does that he is as strong as Gildarts from 8 years ago when he took down Blue Note Stinger Or is he stronger than that? 😁😁 and how strong has he gotten really? I am impressed by his strength, now after all that Wendy packed her bags and left to rebuild fairytale again.



Can someone tell me why Happy is still a weakling and Carla is amazingly strong, come on man that is shameful, how will he have a chance against her now, I mean she is a bad arse and he is not.😒😒 Love broken.




Episode 3: Avatar

After the whole Blue Note Stinger beat down, the journey continues in the Village of the Rain Bringer, you guessed it that village is forever raining thanks to Juvia, who is heartbroken by Gray’s disappearance and she mistakes Natsu for Gray!

The gang soon finds out Juvia and Gray lived together and Mr. ICE has disappeared,  Due to strange markings which started forming on his body thanks to the new Demon slayer powers given to him by his father.

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Natsu obviously bows where Gray is thanks to something he was told by Rogue back when during the Dragon festival. As we found out Gray has Joined a dark guild dubbed Avatar, which worships Zeref 😡😡😡! Yes yes he, is a bad guy now. Now sabertooth is in Natsu way in finding Gray, so he steals a job.

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As it ends we see Gajeel and Lily who is now a magic council member or leader of the custody enforcement unit.

What the heck is going on here why is Gajeel a Magic night? What on earth has happened in the year the guild separated. Who also was betrayed usπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”fairytail spits at the council why the heck are we joining it?


Episode 4: Underground Clash

As you know Natsu, Lucy and Happy find the Avatar Church hideout yes a dark guild is using a church as a hideout, and well Once again the Fire Dragon Slayer, makes noise, yelling Gray come out, 3 three of Avatar member came to confront the intruders only get a beat at the hands of Natsu including Mr. Curse πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  remember that doll with tricks.

I mean if three of avatars strongest were beaten that easily, again I ask how strong is Natsu really or how weak are they? Eventually Gray shows up and a fight between him and Natsu erupts after the Iceman says some insulting things about fairy tail. We all know Natsu doesn’t respond well to anyone who insults them.

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And then they get captured and torture is calling their name, thanks to Marry the poison Blood Magic girl from Avatar. To make matters worse Gray removed his Guild mark pissing Natsu off even more.


As the torture treatment hosted by the Goman weird guy! I saw this guy is freaky and sadistic, foot looking torture is the weirdest thing ever, and the Goat 🐐 looks possessed, why does Everything about this torture look perverted, so the guy tried cutting lucky only to be Frozen by Gray moments later! How predictable I aspect that.

Now we find out Gray is a spy for Erza… Dayum Ezra is so Beautiful 😍 I was expecting Master Makarov honestly speaking. The whole bad guy vibe Gray had going one was a joke and predictable to say the list. I mean why Gray if it was Laxus yes not Gray. Mr lighting can pull it off he did it once before.


Episode 5: The Purification Plan

As our 3 Heroes plus Happy make their way to stop Avatar’s plan to Kill thousands of innocent villagers, an explanation is given by Ezra as how why Gray was spying on them and saying those cruel things, which also involves Jallel and crime source! Blah blah, blah is all heard most of the time.

Arriving at the village the entire Avatar Guild including branches of the guild have gathered in their thousands. Lets take some time to review this, 3 of their strongest leader got a beat down by 1 guy, in my book they entire guild is weak and doesn’t stand a chance, well well what do you know, Ezra shows up form the roar and lays down the law on one of our leaders again with one attack. using her Ataraxia armor.


Booooo Avatar boooo why aren’t they challenging, even Lucy is winning against them, Bria and her slit personality get her crushed by Gray and Juvia Marry by a Lucy punch thank Wendy and her healing magic. At least on the plus side Wendy has now learned Dragon force and is kicking butt left to right and centre, Wendy an Carla aswell and Happy is busy admiring as usual.


I’m closing.

Man, this review was long I think I should shorten in part 2. Well after seeing the beat downs so far I still want to know, how strong is Natsu really if could take down Blue Note and three of avatars strongest is he in the same level as Ezra or Laxus? Who else has gotten that stronger apart from Gray? And is Happy going to get strong anytime soon or remain as he is?


I’ll answer those question as the series continues.

Thanks, everyone for reading part 1 of Fairytail final season review. See you in part 2.




By: blunimation


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