Coming Up This January and February: Summer Anime Reviews

Hey everyone, are you happy to see this cool freshman again? If not, you still got no choice😂,

I trust you all are in fine fettle,

Now that the festive season and 2018 are both behind us, it’s time for me to start a new chapter counting down to my 1st year as a blogger which will be in April.

To start this year off let me say something I was once told. “Anything that’s not in black and white is a wish and doesn’t exist. Writing stuff down helps you remember and you have no excuse not do it if you see it every day.” If you are hungry enough for something you will make it happen no matter what.”

You are probably asking why I said that? Well, it seems I have been living in my head in the duration of 2018. I would decide on which topics I wanted to discuss in my head but then eventually never write anything or write but just don’t post, also I kept blaming my busyness for it. That has come to an end now.

I am taking a page from all the Senior bloggers I look up to and giving you all a heads up on what to aspect from me, plus it also forces me to commit. I write all these reviews & topics then never post them simply because I wasn’t confident in myself an abilities, I’m happy to say over the last couple of weeks I have found my footing.

Welcome to the new year. Although it has started a bit rocky, with my girlfriend missing, We last spoke on the 31st and her phone has been off ever since 😢😢. I guess I should be concerned, but after trying to reach her for the last 4 days I kind of gave up.

Assuming she lost her phone, or her battery died and since she is visiting her family, I have no reason to worry at least that’s what’s what I told myself 😥! I’ll just have to wait until Sunday when she returns to her place. moving on let’s get into why I am making this post.

Firstly I’ll be giving you all the animes, I will be reviewing in the month of January and slightly crossing over into the month of that “Love” turd February Cupid.😅😢Valentines season around the corner people, shops will gear up to milk us dry as a lemonade stand on a hot summer day.😜😂

I’m Done fulling around now Lets count down these Anime

1. Black Lagoon Dubbed

realized back in July of 2006, I felt to give it life again. Black Lagoon is an Adventure, Crime, & Thriller fiction follows a group of 4 mercenaries at first it was 3 the fourth on was a hostage at one point until his bosses showed no interest of saving his life he decided to join up with the baddest mercenaries squad that kidnapped him in the first place.

2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

About a make-believe future in which humans have been forced to live in isolated underground villages, where they constantly must dig deeper into the Earth. two orphans named Simon and Kamina aim to find a way to find their way back to the surface, where they hope to make peace with the Beastmen and their robots who terrorize their human prey. Because this has 27 episodes I will divide the reviews into 5. Looking at 5 episodes per review and episode 21 till 27 for the final review. Within 4 weeks.

Next, on the list is a more latest release dubbed

3. Hinomaru Sumo

An ongoing shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Kawada. It’s an published by Shueisha, with Weekly realize in Shōnen Jump magazine since 2014 and 23 volumes compiling the chapters released so far. Anime version realized in October of 2018 I have to say it’s pretty awesome so far. I hope it will have a second season.

In fourth place, another latest realize and ongoing anime

4. Fairy Tail final series

I am a bit disappointed that fairy tail is coming to an end, honestly, I wish it could have gone for a few more years. So far I like what I have seen and can’t wait for this great battle of an Immortal, a Dragon and a Demon not forgetting humanity.

Will fairy tail survive and what will happen to Natsu will he turn to END?

I have so many questions, which will be answered soon enough. Stay tuned for all the highlights as they happen. Ofcause I will have to start from episode 1. Also because it’s at episode 13 I’ll do 5 episode reviews and my overall thoughts on it within a 3 week period.

The last item on the list

5. Black Glover

When I first saw this anime I thought oh yet another magic guild anime wow wonderful, well not really. It only piqued my interest during episode 5 when I saw Captain Yami of the black bulls, giving Asta a step closer to becoming the Wizard King. Kind of reminded me of back when Iruka Sensei gave Naruto a pass after defeating that other dude Mizuki on the first episode.😵what a weakling beaten by a 12 year old 😏

Although I have done a one reviews on it, it’s time I start being consistent. With this anime, I will do 1 post in a month divided into 2 sections. Section 1 will be the review of current and aired episodes in that month, section 2 will be on what I aspect will happen it the upcoming episodes.

Pretty much that’s what will happen within the first quarter of the year. A bonus I will introduce which deals with any topic I feel should be pointed out, primarily it will do with South African Comic books, thoughts on issues and the animation industry in my country.

Project these companies are working on, and what to aspect. well if these companies accept my proposal then I’ll start talking about there projects.

In closing, I’m looking forward to the amount of fun I will have during this time and learning new things in the process. Oh, I hope my belle reine (beautiful Queen 👸) is back by then since she is one of the sources of inspiration and basically she drives this wheel called me.

Thank you all, lets get this ball rolling.

P.S. the featured that says stay tuned under construction, saw that on google, liked it so much I had to use it. Apologize to the person who owns it😃

By: Blunimation

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