My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 07,8, 9,10 & 11 Review

Genre: Action, Comedy, Superpowers

Season three of this hero anime launch a few months ago, I would love to review from episode 1 but I am only going breeze through to the interesting part

Episode 7 & 8

The league of villains attacked the students in both hero courses with the aim to capture Bakugo, and kill Midoriya, their convictions are all based on Tomura’s hate for All Might as well as the hero Killer stain. Midoriya won in fight in the process injuring himself even more, the Villains succeeded in capturing Young Bakugo,

Which lead a rescue mission for him by The symbol of peace All Might, other top heroes and the police. They separated into two team and hit both warehouse , one belonging to the Big Boss and the the other where Bakugo was being held.

Meanwhile on episode 8 whilst the heroes where planning a rescue, the League of villains where trying to convince Bakugo aka “Mr I’ll Kill You” to join them, which obviously as usual he rudely turned them down, in the mist of all this Midoriya and friends made it to Camino Ward little did they know, a broll was about to ensue.

Episode 9 & 10

All Might and other heroes found the hide out of the league of villains, an all out assault ensued which resulted in best jeanist, mount Lady and other heroes down at the hands of All For One. Tomura escaped and they took Bakugo, teleported by All for One. With Bakugo’s friends looking to save him it, they had a problem in their hands .


All Might went to the battle to face of against his greatest enemy, a fight of destruction quickly began


Episode 11

With Bakugo in the battle field All Might was on the offensive most of the time until he was rescued, the symbol of peace couldn’t fight All For One at his best.

Which is what Midoriya, Eda and the other Small time heroes where doing. Cooking up a plan to save their friend.

After a few brain workout Midoriya thought of a plan and they managed to rescue Bakugo from the Clutches of the league.


You can imagine at this point I was sitting at the edge of my sit shouting All Might All Might. He really fought his heart out at the time, we all know All For One, can steal other people’s power and use them or pass them to some else.

As All For One fought All Might and the fight was about to get interesting All For One attached a innocent civilian, which All Might prevented in the process he revolted to his weakened state for the world to see.


People started doubting after seeing him in that state, we all know how these things go. All Might founding out Tomura was the grandchild of his former teacher who gave him One For All.

That alone was devastating enough to bare finding out your teacher’s grandchild is being manipulated by your greatest enemy. What to do in this situation?

The fight continued with One For All calling fourth All the Quirks in his body to kill The Symbol Of Peace once and for all. With everyone chanting his name and the woman he just protected begging him to fight not forgetting all the other heroes and All Might’s Greatest Rival Endeva. All that Brought back the spark within him which he needed to defeat the enemy that eluded him many years ago.

After countless of blows All Might prevailed and finally took down his greatest foe. As the dust settled All Might had lost his spark and fragile.

As he raised his hand in victory the symbol of Hope & Peace had finally reached his peak. As episode 11 ended we saw All Might pointed at the Camera say “Now it’s your turn”. As Young Midoriya cried and everyone saved. The world was at peace once more. Yeah right with the league still at large only time can tell how long this peace would, and with All Might now unable to fight, we can aspect a lot of villains joining the league of villains and more trouble brewing in the shadows to come and destroy the world.

Well i aspect more from them over the next coming episodes, for starters, I hope Midoriya will start mastering his power cause am tired of him breaking himself everytime.

Bakugo will finally come down, well I doubt that 😏 Icee Hot should be able to use His power simultaneously and Finally find out the story behind Tomura and how he got to be the way he is, all though we know One For All groomed him to hated All Might, I know there must be a story behind him which we are yet to see.

Hope you all enjoyed this review, go watch the episodes for more action and devastation. Until next time


By: Blunimation

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