Black Clover Most Useless & Weakest Characters

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This week I will be counting down he the weakest and most useless mages in the anime series “Black Clover” to those of you who don’t know it, no worries I’ll write a review about it later this week. Here is a short summary about the series.

It is all about magic and one boy who wants to be the Wizard King has no magic non whatsoever, to put this mildly he is the black sheep with no talent in a world of talent.

This top 7 review of the “Black Clover” useless and weakest squad is based on my point of view from what I’ve seen so far since episode 1 till episode 49 Well without further delay lets get into this:

At No: 7

Gueldre Poizot : Former: Purple Orcas Captain

You are probably wondering why is a captain on this, captains are strong and have monstrous

strength, well sorry to burst your bubbles, however, he is a greedy, embezzler, sells top secret items, smuggles dangerous potions, and attacking his own crewmen. although his magic is pretty neat. Gueldre uses invisibility magic, the amazing things Jiraiya, Master Roshi, and all Sanji could do with if they had this his power. obviously, sneak up on women. oh, what a heavenly day it is for them. He is on #7 because he got beaten by a freshman๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

No: 6

Klaus Lunettes: A member of the Golden Dawns

At first glance, he was an arrogant, self-centered noble. but then he soon realized that life isn’t all that roses as a noble. Thanks to commoners Asta & Yuno also not forgetting Luck Voltia the obsessive fighter, after they saved his weak behind from the Diamond Mage in a dungeon they were sent to explore.

Poor Klaus started showing signs of compersion and improving behavior. He usesย Steel Magic, manipulating metal to form a variety of cool stuff, spears, chariots. and a lot more. from episodes which he has been in, in my opinion, I like Sakura back in the day.

No: 5

Grey: Member of the Black Bulls

Grey is weird really always blowing smoke as a master of Transformation Magic, he can mimic anyone he meets. He is shy to the core of is being, am about to spoil the fun here the Grey is actually a really cute girl,

who knew she could be so fine with her beautiful blue hair, anime soft skin and gorgeous blue eyes๐Ÿ˜. We all know Anime girls are cute but oh mama Grey is one of the fairest in the anime ๐Ÿ˜†, I am dead if my lady reads this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค but, heya it wouldn’t bother me one bit๐Ÿ˜‚. Although her magic comes in handy to assist her comrades she hasn’t really done much to impress me.

No: 4

Mimosa Vermillion: Member of the Golden Dawns

Mimosa shy and sweet noble. She might be sweet and shy however deep down her demeanor hides a mean streak, that melts away once she completes a mission alongside her cousin Noelle. Mimosa specializes in Plant Magic, most of her spells involving healing her teammates or scouting the area. Considering she at least she has to do something that’s why she is in fourth place.

No: 3

Gordon Agrippa: Member of the Black Bulls

Poor Gordon is an odd dude constantly mumbles to himself. A Poison Magic user, he is a nice guy, but his magic isn’t. although he hasn’t been in any fights so far, we constantly see him mumbling to himself. because he is good people as Finral would say, number 3 suits him. I believe we are yet to see him at his peak and facing serious enemies. we can then see his capabilities.

No: 2

Finral Roulacase: Member of the Black Bulls

I won’t lie to you Finral was on the #1 spot, however, he showed he is not a coward as he assisted Asta and Vanessa when they fought Vetto one of the strongest three members in the evil group Eye of the Midnight Sun in episode 48 and 49. For once the little wimp did not run he stood his ground and pushed passed his limits. however, that doesn’t change the fact that all other episodes he has been a sneaky cry baby always running. Forgetting is a ladies man yeah right๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž.

I like the that he is level-headed. Uses Spatial Magic, to create portals for transportation. Oh, the things Jiraiya and Sanje and Roshi could do with is power. Lady Tsunade, Nami, Bulma would always be on guard.

Finally, we have arrived at the No:1 spot. this guy is by far the weakest and useless characters in Black Clover.

No: 1

Sekke Bronzazza: Member of the Green Praying Mantises

A jerk who wanted to join the Magic Knights by making Asta look bad. After Asta & Yuno taught him thing a two, he became a hopeless loser and hopeless womanizing gambler.

Uses Bronze Magic, uses Bronze to manipulate and create objects. He is more of a scaredy cat than Finral and way more hopeless. Since he got beat up by Asta & Yuno he has done nothing but runs his mouth.

With that we have reached the conclusion of our countdown, Let me know what you think by this list if you think I might have missed someone give me a shout.

By: Blunimation

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