Subway Surfers Animated series! Review

Well well well, ‘I have always wanted to say that’ who would have ever thought everyone’s favourite subway game would get its very own animated series! Not me that’s for certain. Created to SYBO, if you don’t know them to welcome to the club I didn’t either. I mean we mobile gamers don’t really care about who created the game as long as it is great and fun.
Here is a little about SYBO Game Developers, they are gamers themselves and creators as well simply put they are an “ALL IN ONE, WELL FUELED MULTIPURPOSE MACHINE”. Some of their previous work includes a game dubbed Blade of Brim. How wonderful it must be for them to go to work a game then come back home to do more gaming, SYBO Crew can I join you? You guys have it good. Seriously though these guys are soo cool. visit them for more at and please follow them.
Coming back to the topic at hand, at first glance you think hmmm okay, then you get into it, quite frankly I expected a boring bunch of kids running in the subway, this was before I watched episode 1.
The wonder boy Jake is reckless and looks nothing like his counterpart from the game, on a positive note I do like his dangerous nature, your typical boy who loves his mom and same mutual feeling with her to him. nothing makes these kid more happy than performing dangerous stunts and french fries. my kind of a person😁
The dinosaur suit wearing girl Yutani! In the animated series, she is a nerdy 🤓genus girl , and her dad runs a diner , the waitress is a moody robot which she built, and man does it have problems. Acting like all those moody & grumpy waitresses who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and hate their Job. Yutani please deal with her attitude problem.
Betras other wise known as ‘Tricky’ is a rich girl who just wants to be a rebel, am bettling with myself right now. Creators why on earth did you name her that? I hope she goes to a private school, ’cause at a public one, kids would be making fun of her day in and day out calling her “Beardtras” .talk about a rough childhood. Moving on, currently she is doing ballet which she hates, but you know a rich mom always insists, ballet will get you place my child, act like a lady my child & you will one day be an astounding artist blah blah blah, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against ballet , I actually like the art of dance. whilst her dad is cool like that, if only we all had dads like him, how life would be epic & fantastic at the same time

Afro boy Fresh cares more about his kicks more than anything, well pretty much that’s all I have gathered about him. Unfortunately, he has no boombox like in the game, perhaps they will introduce it in a few more episodes.

King is a spitting little kid, full of mastiff however he is good people if I say so myself. If you have problem King is the right guy for the job. He will solve it no problem. we can expect to see more of him in the coming episodes. I ask from the creating team SYBO, please put him in more dangerous situations and lets see how well he copes. plus give him a record deal or something, no not really. Seriously 😒 though give him a deal.

As for the Train conductor and his viperous pit bull, they aren’t that intimidating, just a big man and his best friend doing their job, keeping little reckless children off a dangerous place!

Above the surface this series is about friendship and sticking together through it all. With danger knocking on their door step, sticking together is a good idea.

Will, they beat the people after these mysterious items around them to save the world, or will their friendship fall apart? One thing is certain you have to watch to find out. Plus I want to see the sandwich loving pit ball, the conductor, toasted waitress and the 4 Musketeers getting into more trouble,mischief

This makes me wonder what other game will have its own animated series, maybe Bubble Witch, Candy Crush or something.

Check out Subway Surfers on the SYBO youtube channel and subscribe for new episodes.

By: Blunimation

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