Written by: GamerKito/Satrduni

art by: GamerKito

Genre: Sci-Fi

What’s it about?

The Traveller is a captivating new graphic Sci-Fi comic series that will have you thinking twice about gaming and real life. It is written by Satrduni otherwise known as GamerKito. Art & Lettering In all respects, done by no other than the same individual. this is quite a mission compelling all the work in the comic. I have to admit that when I first took a look at it, my mind went back to the classic styling of, “Comic books & old newspaper cartoon strips.” I’m sure that GamerKito knew he didn’t need color to bring this piece to life. Whilst on the subject So, yeah, the comic is about a Schoolboy named Rethabile “Retro” Robong “17”, basically he is a heavy gamer. Simply put he is a kid who is using gaming as a source to find balance in life. We know that life can be challenging at times when you are that age even during adulthood so he uses gaming as a coping mechanism.

As we all know mothers think any game is just a waste of time, until we catch them playing Candy Crush 😏🙂, yeah, i see you mom. So this kid convinced his mom that gaming has benefits such as improving memory and social skills, well all that above is true and then some, naturally, when parents are faced with facts, his mom lets him continue with his own way of life in video games.

You can only imagine gaming all night being a 17-year-old school kid and a test the next day spells trouble. Arrived at school late slept through his test if I had done that back in the day a little shout was the last thing on my parent’s mind. One issue left me curious, Rethabile’s teacher Ms. Mosadi dropped a bombshell on him and his friends, The woman who I have to admit is gorgeous 😉we see you Ms. Mosadi 😂, my partner better not see this. Moving on, she is a heavy gamer herself and plays the same video game as Retro our hero, Imagine the surprise and shock they where in, how do you play the same game again knowing your educator is in it? Talk about drama every time you fail a test or are late to class.

We don’t know much about her gaming identity though which is intriguing to me ’cause i want more and it keeps the story going.

One other thing that captured me with The Traveller is the language used, not many comic books are written in two languages, mainly the focus is our common base of communication “English”. The Traveller is written in the creator’s Mother tongue “Native tongue” known as ‘SeSotho’ and ‘English’. I was not prepared to for this.

I’m going to go off topic for a second to explain; South Africa has eleven official languages, in these eleven SeSotho & English are part of the cycle, English is naturally the fundamental, then we have 9 other native languages specific to each cultural group which exists in our country. For more on The Rainbow Nation ‘as we are known for’ there is a 19-year-old kid or should I call it web browser named “Google”, it’s got all the answers.

Moving on, the one standout thing is the combination of both English and a Native tongue is intriguing, to say the least, We see Retro and his mom using there home language, which I honestly love. To be able to incorporate such in a world dominated by one language, some readers will have trouble understanding, but don’t worry a translation is there for you to get the picture

I also like how the whole scene of the comic book takes place on a futuristic plant/world where everything is basically automated including public transportation which also still acts as our current public transport drivers “Rough Riding” swooshing past other vehicles. You can’t enter a home without a facial scan, schools are fully electronic results just rock up immediately, talk about the upgrade,  nice life problems, basically what am saying it’s a cool world to live in.

All I can say, the comic book is okay for its first volume although it only has seven (7) episodes excluding the Pilot episode, It’s a good read although the art is in black an white, the content layout & graphics makes up for that with ease. We can expect to see new developments, obstacles and how our star handles these cosmic matters of the universe we call life as the story continues to grow. My overall rating for it;

Rating: 8½ out of 10 stars

Read the full comic & subscribe to get the new episodes:

By: Blunimation

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