20 Something Wallpapers of Naruto Characters To Use pt 1

This week, on My Ten Things I’ll be sharing 20 Character wallpapers from The Animated series Naruto which make your device Godly πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

In my collection i have Six hundred(600) + images of Naruto characters of which i have collected over the years. These are only on my phone, plenty more on other devices & repertoire. You can image the time spent making this selection was quite dicey. I literally used a dice to decide some of them rather than battle with my emotions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜„! Well because of this i have decided to call this segment 20 Something Wallpapers of Naruto Characters, instead of My 10 Things A heads up we are starting at number 23

Without further ado here is this week’s Ten/ Twenty Things

23. Naruto’s rival – Konohamaru Sarutobi & Monkey King -Enma

22. The Uchiha Crest – with Itachi

21. Lady Angel – Konan of the Hidden rain

20. Team Minato – Minato, Kakashi , Obito & Rin

19. Brotherhood love – Uchiha brothers – Itachi & Sasuke Uchiha

18. The Survivalists – Jiraiya’s Subordinates – Konan , Yahiko & Nagato

17. Lord Gaara of the Sand

16. The Love birds & all inspiring parents – Former nine tales JinchΕ«riki and red haired bad arse mom Kushina Uzumaki & Lord 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze

15. 1st Rouge ninja & Champion of butt kicking – Uchiha Madara

14. Childhood rivals – The gifted kid – Sasuke Uchiha & Peace talking Mr never go back on my word Lord 7th Hokage – Uzumaki Naruto

13. God of Destruction & Godly status! master of Repletion & Retraction – Tendo Pain

12. Mr keep your cool gifted Soldier – The Avenger – Uchiha Sasuke

11. The only Ninja with a Thousand Jutsu – Mr Copy Ninja, master of tracking not forgetting never on time – Kakashi Hatake

10. Queen of Medical Ninjutsu, Creator and Master of the War Cry ‘Cha’ – Sakura Haruno

9. Smoking Champion & Twin Blade Master – Asuma Sarutobi

8. Legendary Triple Squad – Team 7 with there Summons

7. Duo of Destruction Co-Founder of the Hidden leaf Village – Uchiha Madara & Master of Disappearance – Obito Uchiha

6. The Most Powerful Tag Team – Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha

5. Master of the Wood Style Release & Founder of the Hidden Leaf Village – Lord 1st Hokage – Hashirama Senju

4. Creator of the Flying Thunder God & Resurrection Jutsu -Lord 2nd – Tobirama Senju

3. Master of Genjutsu – Uchiha Itachi

2. The Toad Sage & Novelist – Master Jiraiya

1. Father & Son Duo! Master of Flying Thunder God Technique – Minato Namikaze & King of peace to the world of Ninja – Naruto Uzumaki,

I chose these two as number one for two reasons

a). They both got an incredible number of likes,comments & reactions on Facebook when I posted them as my profile pictures. Also on other Facebook platforms #BeatMyWallpaper

b). They are just magnificent as wallpapers on a phone.

Thank you for turning in for yet another count down, Please share some of your picture which you feel should be on this list. hope that this List has added to your collection! Till next time for more on My Ten Things.

P.S. Thank you to all the guys & Girls who take time to create these Ama-zeng pieces of art. I speak on behalf of every anime fan we immensely appreciate it.

By; Blunimation

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    my phone will be pimped up


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