MESSENGER! Comic Review

Hello everyone, if you like us occasionally love to indulge yourself in to comics, this one is section is for you. Today we looking at MESSENGER  a fantasy comic book by Paul Tobin & Ray NadineIMG_0143
Ever wondered how nice it would be a bike messenger? Riding with your steed making people happy. Well a fairly new comic entitled Messenger is the things for you.
Messenger follows the life of a 22 year old tom boy looking, bicycle loving Dare Crilley the undisputed world champion of bike messengers, who is unsurpassed by nobody. She derides at bad weather, rides through traffic like a boss & obstacle are never a Challenge for this dedicated delivery personnel. Dare is so legendary that for 8 years straight she’s never missed a delivery. Even occasionally broke a few windows for this.
When you are the best someone is always looking to test your skills, which is what happens to our Dare when she meet her mysterious new client, who is rigorously a divine god. She soon finds out there is another city in other world where all the gods resides.
The city of Gerik & Land of Feldana are filled with gods of everything , interesting enough the. Gods are separated into 3 district
1. The good
2. The bad &
3. The Eh, whatever
Imagine meeting the god of internet browsing history , Heck the things we search for god knows we don’t want people to find out that, god of unsent text message this one will get you in trouble with your partner and people around you.
Moving on Dare find out there is a dispute between the gods, because of this non of gods are communicating which is a serious matter. Literally the fate of the universe rests on a series of increasingly more difficult bicycle deliveries, of which Our Bike loving Dare Devil will need to successfully complete without fail Or the universe will go bye bye. With a promise of being paid in gold enough that she can finally open her very own DARE BIKE SHOP, objects & collecting parts of assembling a Legendary Divine Bicycle, how could she say no. One this is certain the fate of the world rests on her shoulders
Will She fail on any of these fateful death missions? We know Dare never backs down when it’s time to deliver a package and only time can tell on how much she can endure.
On my perspective this comic book is a good read, i mostly like the way the art and the story go hand in hand, it zones you in an captures you like a river flowing through the bay.  out of 10 Messenger deserves a 8 star rating.
 Hope you guys enjoyed this review, feel free to post your comments about it and look out for the next review.
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By; Blunimation

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