Hello everyone, today i am going to discuss the relation of E.N.D TO:  Natsu, Igneel & Zeref from Fairytale

E.N.D the most powerful demon ever created by Zeref the most powerful wizard in the series alongside Acnologia

On Fairy tail episode 96 we see Zeref and as it ends he says “ Natsu, I hope that I will see you soon: My first thought was wait, how does Zeref a powerful mage who has lived for 400 years know Natsu Dragneel? We later find out about E.N.D and how Natsu’s foster father fought against him 400 years ago and couldn’t defeat him.

How is it possible that Natsu is still alive and young, since all demons are subject an limited by their books, how is Natsu living without these limitations, what did igneel do in order for him not to have memories of his life as the all-powerful E.N.D, could Natsu’s scarf which was given to him by Ingeel be the course of him not being able to remember his past, When Zeref’s power went out of control, the scarf turned black, why did this happen,


After Natus fought against the Flame God Slayer, Wendy tried healing him but she couldn’t, Master Makarov told her to heal his scarf only then would Nastu heal as well. my thoughts are that the scarf rejects all evil magic somehow, which is why it turn black from Zeref’s attack.

During the battle of Tarutarosu, Zeref told Natsu to think of why igneel couldn’t defeat E.N.D and also he said who would get to him first, Nastu or E.N.D, when igneel was fighting Acnologia he tells Natsu to capture the book of E.N.D from  Mard Geer and instructs him, not to open nor destroy it.

Although Tartutarosu wanted to destroy all magic just to open the book of E.N.D, cause it is protected by a powerful spell, who created that spell, was it Zeref or Igneel? Or did Zeref and Igneel have some sort of deal to allow Natsu to live as an ordinary human?

I suspect opening the book of E.N.D could return Natsu’s memories, and perhaps the edge to kill all that’s in his path. Well whatever that is blocking Natsu from remembering his past and what truly happened when he fought Igneel back as E.N.D and why Zeref wants to die at his hands, we will surely find out as the series goes on

That’s all for today folks Let me know what you think of this theory. Thanks for reading.

By: Blunimation

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